This is perhaps one of the most important things to consider prior to opting for a menstrual glass

Many servings are offered in two different sizes, on the faster size meant for young females and the big dimensions designed for old people (although no matter if you’ve given birth before in addition to plays an effective part right here).

“A great amount of mug makers features sizes getting escort index young women versus more mature girls, otherwise ladies who may have had children,” says Dr. Taylor. “After you render birth, the vagina is far more elastic and you may you desire more substantial glass [to eliminate] leakages just after having a baby.”

Menstrual mug producers that offer one or two models always recommend children, more youthful lady, and you will women who have-not provided delivery pick their shorter size, if you find yourself ladies who features provided delivery and lady along side age thirty five should select their large dimensions. Still, make sure to read up on sizing towards the specific cup you are buying if for example the standards varies.


Why don’t we have one procedure clear: it doesn’t matter how cautiously you choose a cup for your self or just how many glowing feedback it’s on the web, particular servings just would not feel comfortable. Most of the female’s structure and intervals is exclusive and it’s not uncommon to simply hate the way in which a specific mug seems shortly after it is entered, even if it’s commercially the proper size, profile, and you can match.

“The most popular reason for problems was incorrect position,” claims Dr. Taylor. “If it is coming in contact with the fresh new courage materials [of hymenal structure], it will probably become awkward.”

Ahead of bouncing into completion that you have to have a different glass, she suggests changing brand new perspective that your inserted the fresh new glass to acquire a much better match, otherwise looking to type they better so it lies fully in the newest vagina. If you find the stem of mug is actually bothering you since it is too much time, you might slim it that it does not be noticed since much (you need to be cautious to not puncture the latest glass!).

After you’ve experimented with a number of something different, you may want to grab a rest and attempt again other date. Remember, you will find a studying contour. But when you still can’t rating a comfortable complement once multiple attempts, it will be time and energy to changes course.

Dr. Taylor adds, “A menstrual glass can take a large amount there would be to be less leakages which have a cup than a tampon, you nonetheless you need an excellent close plus the proper position. Panty liners is a good idea while you are care about-mindful [throughout the leakage].”

Monthly period cups require way more proper care than throwaway shields and you may tampons. Your own cup should be got rid of and clean which have enjoying, soap and water at least all several instances; if the several months is over, particular manufacturers together with suggest boiling your cup in order to sanitize they, next and can lifeless in advance of space they in the a clean venue. Be sure to follow the maker’s tips having sanitizing-specific highly recommend boiling hot new mug for five to eight times, and others recommend so long as 20 minutes.

You additionally have to ensure that you is privately enter and remove the glass without damaging the sensitive structure in and around your genitals, hence you might be comfortable addressing menstrual blood.

“[You would like] instructions control in order to eradicate and you may input the fresh new mug throughout their stage,” states Dr. Kimble, “[and] the capacity to manage monthly period water during these [cup] transform.”


Predicated on Dr. Kimble, the average monthly period glass retains regarding the 31 mL, otherwise you to oz, from menstrual liquid at a time. That can perhaps not feel like much, nevertheless the person with average skills seems to lose from the forty mL out of bloodstream during the period of the whole months-and thus really servings have the ability to have lots of of your own bloodstream from just one period at a time.